Little green star

Little green star is a magic book for kids with charming and beautiful illustrations. REVIEWS:
★★★★★”Discovers to children a fantasy universe and stimulates their sensorial perception”-PRESENCIA-300.000 readers.
★★★★★”I really enjoyed reading this story to my boys, it is different than most story apps we have. My little guy has issues about the dark and this story let him know that he isn’t alone in his fear. It also showed him ways in which to handle his fears, creatively. This app has a wonderful storyline and it was a great opportunity to talk to my boys about fear of the unknown.
The illustrations are beautiful and visually stunning. Also, the background music fits in perfectly into each scene. There was just the right of interactions on each page and the navigation is child friendly. This app took us on a magical journey and I would highly recommend it!” APPreciation
It’s about a girl, Claire, who is scared of the darkness until, one night, she meets an special friend that will help her… In every page, your children can produce magical effects by touching the screen. It’s available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Catalan. ENJOY IT!