Alien force vs Earth army

Fight with the Alienforce spacecraft against the Earth Army in 9 challenging battles in the sky – classic arcade shoot’em up / shmup game – Download free & Play now! –

Basic description – shmup game
1969 Invasion, it’s a shmup game (shoot’em up) where you fight with an spaceship (a flying saucer) in order to defeat the Earth Army in 9 challenging missions in 4 different battlefields: desert, town, port & airport. It’s a classic arcade shooter game with stunning visuals. Your spacecraft is equiped with lasers and the enemies (fighters, tanks,…) have their own weapons: missiles, bullets,…
– In this arcade game, you are the alien force trying to conquer the world!

The 60s – retro?
This game is set in the 60s (retro, classic,…) because it was when the humans more looked into sky: space race between USSR & US, the first satellites launched (such as Sputnik & Explorer) and culminating in the arrival of man on the moon on July 21, 1969 (Apollo 11 mission).It was also the time of the greatest number of UFO sightings.
This game is a top-down shooter designed with the soul of the 60s: story, graphics, spaceships, music, combat, effects,…

Story – arcade way
This shoot’em up game takes place in 9 scenarios that all together form a story in a arcade way: desert, town, port and airport. Scenarios combine the challenge of reaching the end by defeating the maximum number of enemies, with scenarios where the skill is to pass between cliffs without hitting them while dodging bullets and missiles. There has been a special interest in designing the levels with continuity: when you finish one the next starts where you left off.

Cartoon style – Alien force & Earth army
The style of the game escapes hyperrealism to focus on a more comic style: objects, details, colors, sky … seek to be real but with a more casual, cartoon, more fun style. The aircrafts, the helicopters, the tanks,… and the player aircraft (a flying saucer – alien force) are designed in this cartoon style.1969 Invasion has the spirit of the retro arcade shooters with modern visuals in amazing immersive scenarios in 3D.
– Do you like cartoons and classic/retro sci-fi? If so, you will like this combat shmup game! –

Target – and the battle?
The main objective is that the alien force reach the end and defeat the last Boss in a great battle. There are no upgrades or mega-weapons. You basically have to finish each scenario so you can unlock the next one. The player controls a flying saucer that fires lasers to destroy air and ground enemies in the battle (destroying ground enemies provides health).There are three levels of difficulty: easy, normal and difficult which allows to all type of players, depending on their skill, find the game entertaining and challenging.
– If you are a casual gamer or a die-hard bullet fanatic, you will enjoy this arcade game! –

Music & sound – aircrafts & guitars
Special care has been taken in the choice of ambient music and game sounds. There are three songs in the missions according to the style of the game (60s and cartoon). Once you reach the end of the stage with a mission or boss, the music changes.
All air enemies have their sound that adjusts according to the proximity to the UFO aircraft.

Enemies – Earth army (sky/air & ground)
There are two types of enemies that need to be defeated: ground army, with all-terrain vehicles, tanks and missile launchers, and air/sky force, with helicopters and jets/fighters.
They are all equipped with the corresponding weapons (different types of machine guns, projectiles/bullets and 3 different types of missiles)

Originality – aliens force from the space
The aliens invasion it’s a common feature in science fiction stories, films & games, in which extraterrestrials invade the Earth either to exterminate the human life, steal planet’s resources,… H.G.Wells’novel “The War of the Worlds” and T.Nishikado’s “Space Invaders” game are two examples in that this classic retro game is inspired by.
In this case, the player don’t fight against the invasors spacecrafts, the player is the alien!

Welcome to an amazing shmup game: 1969 Invasion. – Download free & Play now! –